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  • Dylan Reeves - 1SON

Solar, the Cheaper Alternative.

Solar power for your home could be the cheaper alternative.

Eskom wants to increase tariffs by 80%.

I currently pay R1.76 per Kwh or unit of electricity. A 80% increase would mean I would now need to pay R3.16 per kwh.

If you install a grid tied system, like this SMA Grid tied solution https://www.1son.co.za/sma-solutions. The levelised cost of electricity for this system is R1.98 per unit of electricity. So from day 1 you are saving over R1 of cost per Kwh you produce yourself.

If you wanted to protect yourself against loadshedding and install this Grid Tied Hybrid system: https://www.1son.co.za/goodwe-solutions The levelised cost of electricity would be R2,42.

*Levelised cost of electricity is the cost of the electricity produced by your solar system, taking into account operation and maintenance costs.

So if eskom gets their 80% increase, why not invest to pay less with a solar power system at your home.

Fill out this assessment and we can get back to you with a quote: