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  • Dylan Reeves - 1SON

Reasons to consider Solar.

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

1. Be More Independent

Installing a solar PV system that is grid tied with a battery system can make your house, farm or business less reliant on power from the grid. The electricity you produce during the day will supply your loads and charge your batteries. At night or times of loadshedding the battery will either supply your entire or essential loads.

2. PV Solar power is green. The less coal produced power you use from the grid, the better for the environment.

3. Installing solar will fix the cost of each unit of electricity, protecting you against tariff increases and inflation. Take a 1.5kwp grid tied only(no batteries) PV solar system. It costs R121 000, fully installed and registered with the local municipality. If you got a loan to cover this cost at a 12% interest rate over 5 years, the total cost would be R167 835. So the cost per year over 20 Years of its lifetime is R8391.75. This solar PV system could produce 2470 Kwh of energy a year. So the cost of the energy produced by this solar PV grid tied system is R3.4 Kwh. This is the fixed price for electricity produced over the 20 year lifetime of the PV grid tied system. Currently you pay close to R2 per kwh, so I will use R2 in this example. If we just take inflation of 6% into account, by Year 20 you will be paying Triple, R6 per Kwh. This is only with inflation and not the 15% to 20% eskom is proposing.

With Solar the cost stays constant at R3.4kwh for 20 years. This is based on a small 1.5kwp PV system. Depending on your needs a bigger system can be installed, which will decrease the per kwh price.

4. LoadShedding. Coupling a battery backup system to you solar PV system can give you energy security during loadshedding periods. As a business you must ask, no power for 2 hours during work hours, how much does that cost, can you afford that?

The fact of the matter is, solar PV power is going to become a important part of your energy mix, if not the most important. Are you on board. Contact 1Son today.